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How Extreme Cold Can Affect Your Commercial HVAC

Every year, New Yorkers face the challenge of a long and harsh winter season.

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HVAC Systems in Power Plants

HVAC systems in power plants are especially important. Every tweak toward better performance has a dramatic impact on the community and on the people who rely upon the facility. Even a slight “tweak” may ultimately save millions of dollars. It could also improve quality of life for millions of people who rely on the facility.

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The Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Recently, outdoor air quality has gotten plenty of attention. People realize that emissions from cars, industrial buildings, and other pollution sources can have a significant impact on long-term health.

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New York City Emission Reduction Goals

Over the last few years, New York City has been first in the nation in pursuing the highest standards in energy efficiency and air quality. Needless to say, this has led to new regulations and requirements for the city’s largest commercial properties.

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Your Facility's Winter Preparation Checklist

New York’s winter season can mean significant increases in performance load on your building’s HVAC system. Not only will your system work harder through many of the colder months, but it is also more likely to fall prey to maintenance issues that could be serious.

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The History of Heating Systems

Here in NYC, heating is an essential part of maintaining comfort throughout the harsh winter. Though we rely on it now, it’s important to remember that humans struggled for thousands of years in hopes of developing reliable, effective heating systems!

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Manhattan’s Hotel Boom

New York City is in the midst of one of its biggest booms in recent history: A hotel boom.

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How Your HVAC System Can Impact Productivity

When your HVAC system isn’t working, everyone knows it.

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Energy Efficiency Tips for Buildings

Today, New York City is at the center of an unprecedented push to achieve peak energy efficiency. Large commercial buildings have much to contribute in this area. Every step to curb environmental impact saves money and makes it that much easier to meet regulations. Yet, it can be difficult to find new ways to raise efficiency after you’ve covered the fundamentals.

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Preparing Your Commercial HVAC System for the Winter

Your HVAC system is essential to keeping your building comfortable at any time of the year. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the exterior temperature can have a huge impact on system operations. New York’s harsh winter can cause unexpected heating results, especially with older systems or those in larger buildings. It always helps to be alert!

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